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Organising a stag do in Barcelona: hints and tips


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Planning a stag do in Barcelona? Excellent idea! Here are some of our top picks for a truly memorable stay.

bottles bar stag

Planning a stag do in Barcelona? Excellent idea! Sea, sun, watersports, killer nightlife, tapas and great wine… everything you need to spend an unforgettable weekend with the boys.

Finding group accommodation

If you’re travelling as a group, a hotel is probably not the best option. We recommend renting an apartment or booking a hostel for a more sociable and less expensive stay.

We have selected 10 hostels in Barcelona, ​​discover which is the one that suits best to your group in this article!

There are excellent places on offer for around 10-15 euros per person, per night – see our article on Renting an apartment in Barcelona.

Pick your adrenaline rush…

There are plenty of things to do in Barcelona – and the city’s location, between the mountains and the sea, means that there’s sure to be something for everyone.

Theme parks

drawing port aventura

A theme park is an excellent choice for a stag do! Enjoy the adrenaline, have a laugh and, above all, make the most of your time together.

Port Aventura is the region’s best theme park, and is the second largest in Europe. Hurtle down the rapids, try out the water slides… there are plenty of fabulous things to do!

If you prefer to stay in Barcelona itself, Tibidabo is a great alternative, offering magnificent views over Barcelona and the sea. It’s also cheaper than Port Aventura.

Paintball battle

What better than a painting battle between friends to make the adrenaline rise? Just 10 minutes from Barcelona there is a PainBall center with 3 battle zones, what are you waiting for? Let the war begin!

Take a trip in a hot air balloon

If you’re looking for a truly original activity to surprise the groom-to-be, how about a hot air balloon flight? The trip lasts for an hour, and you’ll get to see all of Catalonia. Sure, it isn’t cheap, but it’s certainly unforgettable…

hot air balloon barcelona

Enjoy the sea

Barcelona is also a seaside destination! Various nautical and aquatic activities are on offer, with something for all tastes and all budgets, from kayaking to paddleboard and even catamaran rentals…

Tour Camp Nou with an expert

Barça football drawing

If the groom-to-be is a football fan, and especially if he’s a fan of Barcelona FC, we’d suggest a tour of the Camp Nou stadium in the company of a true Barça expert! Olivier, the guide, knows all there is to know about the legendary Catalan team, and will reveal all the secrets and stories of this mythical stadium.

Enjoy an unusual meal

If food is the way to the groom’s heart, then how about a gastronomic adventure? Dinner in the Dark is a unique concept where you have to work out what you’re eating from the taste and texture alone – because you won’t be able to see a thing! Are you man enough to try it?

Dance the night away

Barcelona has everything you need for a truly memorable night out… well, if you can remember what you got up to the following morning 😉

Bars: let’s get this party started!

Drinking venues

Get the night off to a great start in a bar, with beers, wine, cocktails or shots, as your tastes dictate. Carrer Mercè is a good place to begin, with a whole range of bars to visit and discover. We particularly recommend the Rabipelao (note: this one is pretty small) or the Polaroïd.

Espit Chupitos, THE place for shots

If you’re adventurous and shots are your thing, try Espit Chupitos (chupitos means “shots” in Spanish). The bar only serves chupitos, but there around 600 options on offer, and you’ll have to choose them “blind” since the menu only gives the names. It’s pretty hard to guess what goes into a “Nun’s Orgasm” or a “Monica Lewinsky”…

IceBarcelona, so cool it hurts…

Finally, don’t miss the chance to visit IceBarcelona! This bar is completely different to anywhere else you’ll find, cooled to a frisky -10 degrees. Dressed for the occasion, you’ll be able to test the effects of alcohol at very low temperatures…

Barcelona’s best clubs: finish the night in style

Barcelona’s nightlife lives up to its reputation. Lately, more and more offers have become available, and there are now some great ways of getting into several different clubs across the city.

A 7-night club pass

The Barcelona Night Card is fantastic if you’re staying in the city for a week or a long weekend: for just 20 euros, it gets you into 19 of Barcelona’s best clubs over a period of 7 consecutive days. Given that entry to these clubs generally costs between 10 and 15 euros, it’s a bargain!

Limousine tours: make like a millionaire

Finally, if you really want to make your entrance in style, book a 1-hour limousine tour. You’ll also get a VIP-in card, letting you spend the night in style.

There should be plenty here to keep you busy – and if not, you can’t say we didn’t try!

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