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FC Barcelona calendar: season dates for 2019/2020


Article updated 23 March, 2020. 29 comments

If you want to go see a football match at Camp Nou, this FC Barcelona calendar will let you know the dates of all the team's upcoming matches.

FC Barcelona calendar, flag Camp Nou

Although some people are not all that into football, there are many who live and breathe this sport, and a lot of those people live in Barcelona! In the Catalan capital, match nights are sacred, and the cries of joy (or disappointment) ringing out through the streets can often help you guess the score without even following the game.

  • If you’re looking for an authentic Barcelona sports experience, we strongly recommend you attend a football match at Camp Nou!
  • The atmosphere in the stadium is particularly friendly so it’s an event the whole family can attend.
  • To find out the dates of the next Barça matches, check out our FC Barcelona 2018/2019 calendar.

Messi (drawing)

FC Barcelona Calendar: matches 2020

Here you can consult the updated dates of Barça’s matches.

Important! The matches played at the Camp Nou in Barcelona are those where Barcelona appears first.
Example: “Barcelona- Atlético de Madrid”: The match will be played at the Camp Nou.

Buy your tickets to attend a FC Barcelona match

Useful information and practical advice

  • Important: the date and time of the match are to be confirmed. A match can therefore be moved to the day before or the day after. Remember this when planning your stay.
  • The dates for the Champions League are not yet available.
  • For all the top tips and advice of a football pro, we strongly advise you to read this article: Attending a Barça match in Barcelona: a specialist’s advice

And now, play on!

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29 commentaires sur FC Barcelona calendar: season dates for 2019/2020

  1. Avatar Triin says:

    we´re coming to Barcelona in late April (2020) to walk around and also see the Camp Nou – can You tell, are there any games to see during the period of 19.04 -25.04 incl. ? My boys are Barca fans, of course but I would rather select any game instead of going to see the Camp Nou only as a stadium tour


    • Valérie Valérie says:

      A match is scheduled but it will take place on April 26th. However, the date may change. Be aware! have a nice stay in Barcelona!

  2. Avatar Mary says:

    Hello, We will be in Barcelona from Sept 2nd to Sept 5th. I was wondering if there are any games on these days.

    Please let me know. Thank you.

  3. Avatar Mary says:


    We will be in Barcelona on Monday September 2nd to Thursday September 5th. Are there any games during this time?

    Thank you.


  4. Avatar Laura says:

    Looking to go see a match beginning October, are there any matches in October? When will the dates be available?
    Thank you.

    • Maite Maite says:

      Hi Laura,

      La Liga takes place in October too, so there will be matches, but the dates are not available yet, make sure to check this article within a couple of weeks 🙂

  5. Avatar jo says:

    Hi. I am planning a trip to Spain in August and would be grateful if you could advise if there are any matches at Nou Camp. I understand you held the Super Copa last summer but sadly not this year. Any matches like this would be great – even friendlies. Please can you let me know when I can find out any matches scheduled in August?
    Thanks. Jo

    • Maite Maite says:

      Good afternoon Jo,

      La Liga usually starts the third week of August, so you should be able to see a match then, but the dates are not fixed yet.

      Have a nice day!

  6. Avatar Derek says:

    We are going to Barcelona on the 6th July till the 11th July. Are there any friendlies or youth games that week?

    • Maite Maite says:

      Good morning Derek,

      Unfortunately, in July the players are usually on holidays, so for the moment there are no matches scheduled in the dates you are asking for.

      Have a nice trip!

  7. Avatar Linda says:

    Hi Maite

    We will be in Barcelona Saturday 21st & Sunday 22nd of September 2019 please can you advise me how I find out if Barca are home or away on either of those dates,
    Kindest Regards

    • Valérie Valérie says:

      Good morning Linda,
      The schedule is not yet available, it’s too early. We recommend you come back to us in a few months. Have a nice day!

  8. Avatar Scott says:

    am in Barcelona for a week from 24th July, what are the chances of watching them play a friendly before season starts.


    • Valérie Valérie says:

      Good morning Scott,
      It’s still too early to answer your question. We recommend you come back to this page in june. Have a good day !

      • Avatar Scott says:

        Hi, would you know if there is any way of seeing the team from July 24th for the next 7 days?

        • Maite Maite says:

          Hi Scott,

          We have updated our calendar, there are two matches in July, on the 23rd and the 27th.

          Have a nice day!

          • Avatar Scott says:

            That’s great. Thank you very much.

            Who would the match on the 27th be against and where? Also how do I get tickets?

            Many thanks

          • Maite Maite says:

            Hi Scott,
            I’m sorry but it seems like these matches will take place in Japan.
            Have a nice day!

          • Avatar Oceane says:

            When and where can I buy 2 tickets for the 27th of July game?

          • Maite Maite says:

            Good afternoon Oceane,

            I’m sorry to let you know that the match against Vissel Kobe will take place in Japan.

            Have a great day!

  9. Avatar Neha Gangwani says:

    I am visiting Spain in June 2019. Would love to watch a fc barca match . Are there any matches in June ? And when will the schedule get updated.

    • Valérie Valérie says:

      Good morning Neha,
      The schedule is already updated. There will be no match in june in Barcelona. Have a nice day !

  10. Avatar abhishek says:

    I am planning to visit Barcelona in early June 2019. will I be able to see fc Barcelona play at camp Nou?

  11. Avatar Adrienne Trinka says:

    We are planning a trip to Spain in September 2019 and would love to see a game at Camp Nou. When will the schedule for 2019-2020 be available so we can plan around this? My daughter works as the physio/sports trainer for FC Barca camps in Australia and it would be amazing to see a football game while we are visiting. Thanks

    • Maite Maite says:

      Good morning Adrienne,

      The schedule for the 2019-2020 season is not available yet, but Barça will be playing in September for sure, as “la Liga” starts at the end of August. I recommend you to check this article in a couple of months, there may be the dates published by then.

      Have a nice trip!

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