Flamenco shows in Barcelona: performances at the Palau Dalmases

flamenco Palau Dalmases

Flamenco doesn’t originally come from Catalonia, but there are still places to see shows in Barcelona. Not all of the shows on offer are worth seeing, though, so we’ve done some research for you.

We went to one of the performances at Palau Dalmases, an exeptional venue in Barcelona, and we had a great time!

Flamenco shows at Palau Dalmases, Barelona

Palau Dalmases, a baroque venue in central Barcelona

The Palau (“palace”, in Catalan) is a well-preserved treasure in the Old Town. Situated on the Carrer Montcada, a busy paved street in the Born quarter, this superb 17th-Century building is almost impossible to spot.

Go through the heavy wooden door, though, and you’ll find an architectural gem, former meeting place for Barcelona’s literary elites.

The venue has retained its authentic character, and takes you back in time over the course of an evening.

  • Hint: take a moment to enjoy the peaceful, green courtyard before entering the building.

Flamenco in Barcelona: performances

Flamenco performances at Palau Dalmases are held inside the building, on a small stage. There are only around 50 seats, close to the stage, creating an initimate atmosphere.

Whilst you listen to the live music, you’ll be close enough to see the expressions on the faces of the dancers and musicians: joy, anger or pain, the classic emotions expressd through flamenco.

flamenco performance in Barcelona dancer

The evening we went, the group consisted of a singer, with a beautiful, haunting voice, a guitarist and a percussionist (sat on a cajón, a wooden box which serves both as seating and instrument). Two dancers began by taking the stage together, before performing their own solo acts.

  • The arists’ performances were truly impressive and very moving, combining to create a memorable evening.


  • A drink is included in the price of your ticket. If you arrive early, you’ll be able to enjoy it in a small lounge area within the Palau Dalmases, where time seems to stand still.
  • There’s a different show every evening, and their quality may vary depending on the performers and the type of flamenco.
  • The show seemed rather short: it only lasted an hour, including a 5-minute intermission. There were quite a lot of songs, leaving less time for dance.
  • The place is rather touristy, given that flamenco is not originally a Catalan artform, but comes from Andalucia. More information on the history of flamenco in Catalonia can be found in this article.

flamenco show in Barcelona dancer

Useful information:

  • Times: Every day at 6pm, 7.30 and 9.30.
  • Price: 25 euros for adults, 15 euros for children, including a drink.
  • Duration: 1 hour.

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