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Mas i Mas Music Festival: jazz, latin, blues and more!

festival mas i mas

Music fans rejoice! Barcelona is home to a seriously impressive live music scene, particularly during the summer. The Mas i Mas festival is a great example of the cultural riches on offer.

Mas i Mas Festival: a musical melting-pot

To understand the complex nature of the Mas i Mas Festival, you need to go back to the beginning. Everything started in 1986 with the opening of the Mas i Mas Bar, a musical venue intended to highlight music of black origin, including funk, soul, blues and R&B.

In 1991, the same company launched La Boîte, an ambitious concept intended to combine live concerts with club sessions, focusing on jazz, flamenco, rock, salsa and particularly blues music.

Following on from their success, the Mas i Mas group opened two more venues on the Plaça Reial,  Jamboree and los Tarantos, known respectively for top-notch jazz concerts and flamenco shows.

In 1998, the Mas i Mas group branched out onto the techno-house scene, opening the Moog nightclub. Located in the heart of the Raval, this cutting-edge venue became known for promoting creativity and experimental DJ sets.

This wealth of musical styles and a rich experience of the Barelona music scene all came together with the creation of a unique, high-quality annual event: the Mas i Mas festival.

Mas i Mas Festival: the programme

The concerts will mainly take place at the Jamboree.

See the official festival website for the full programme. The site lets you search by genre, making things easier if you have a precise idea of what you’re looking for.

Useful information

  • Mas i Mas 2019 runs from 31st July – 6th August.
  • Tickets can be purchased online (click on “comprar entradas”) or in person.

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