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VIP-IN pass: queue-jump access to some of Barcelona’s best clubs


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Coming to Barcelona for the legendary nightlife? It's well worth getting your hands on a VIP-IN card!

vip-in pass la terrazza

every day

How much?

from €27


to dance the night away

Barcelona is a great place to party! If you want to let off steam in some of the city’s best nightclubs, the VIP-IN pass is for you.

VIP-IN pass: one card, 14 clubs

How does the VIP-IN pass work?

Simple: when you start using your VIP-IN card, just activate the light chip. Your card will start to shine, and will get you into 14 clubs free of charge, without needing to queue. Trust us, that’s a major plus when you see the length of some of the queues! If you want to get into, say, Opium at 2am on a Saturday, you could easily face an hour standing outside. Unless you have a pass, of course…

The VIP-IN card is valid for 1 or 2 nights. The chip will stop shining after a certain number of hours, depending on your chosen duration. Once it’s been deactivated, it won’t get you in anywhere, so there’s no point in trying.

shoko terrace vip-in pass

The 14 clubs included

  • Opium: the best-known of Barcelona’s clubs. Set on the seafront, you’re bound to spend a memorable evening here. The music is mostly chart hits, and the crowd is international. Want to find out more? Read our article on Opium.
  • Shôko: similar to its neighbour, Opium, but with different music: there’s more of a hip-hop/R&B vibe here.
  • Danzatoria (formerly Catwalk): very popular with international tourists. The club is split into two areas: hip-hop and electro.
  • CDLC: an attractive club with an R&B/hip-hop focus, the fourth and final club at the Olympic port. Given how close they are to each other, why not visit all four in one night?
  • La Terrrazza: located within Poble Espanyol, the open-air Terrrazza has an almost mythical status in Barcelona. The music is up-to-the-minute and combines house with techno. Note that this club is slightly further from the city centre, at Montjuïc, and you’ll need to take a taxi if you want to go on to somewhere else.
  • Ker Club: so hip it hurts. Attractive décor, top-quality electro music like you’ll find at Terrrazza, and a young, happening crowd.
  • Bling bling: a very chic club in one of Barcelona’s most exclusive areas. For more information, see our article on Bling bling.
  • Mojito: a whole club devoted to Latino music! From salsa to merengue and reggaeton, the rhythm is definitely “gonna get you” here…
  • Pacha: this one needs almost no introduction. The mythical Ibiza nightclub came back to Barcelona in summer 2014 after several years away. The ambiance isn’t quite the same as in Ibiza, but electro fans will love it.
  • Otto Zutz: a big venue, with three zones (hip-hop and R&B, rock, electro and sometimes 80s and 90s hits) and a New York feel. Popular with both tourists and locals.
  • Soho: if it’s classic pop and house music from the last few decades that you’re looking for, you’ll find it at Soho. In addition to the dancefloor, there’s a more relaxed area upstairs, perfect for sipping cocktails.
  • Universal: another two-parter: house on one side, funk, pop and 80s on the other. Attractive décor and a mostly local crowd.
  • Hyde: a fairly small but very popular club for all ages. Music-wise, you’ll get house with a touch of R&B and a sprinkling of soul.
  • Astoria: a former cinema, converted into a restaurant and nightclub, with magnificent décor. The perfect place to start your evening, with a lounge feel and commercial hit music.

Advantages of the VIP-IN pass

  • Free entry all night.
  • Queue-jump entry through a special door.
  • Wide range of clubs included.
  • Great value for money if you’re visiting two or more clubs.
  • Perfect for a very varied night out – you can try out different ambiances and décors. You can move between clubs as often as you like, going back to your favourites or moving on to something completely different.

Astoria pass vip-in

The VIP-IN pass: is it for me?

Yes, if…

  • You’re planning on going out late, once things have already got going.
  • You want to go round the clubs: one advantage of the VIP-IN card is that the clubs are grouped by zones. For example, Opium, CDLC, Shôko and Danzatoria (Catwalk) are on the Olympic Port; Soho, Astoria, Mojito and Bling bling are all around Carrer Tuset.
  • You want to avoid the (potentially long) queues to get in.
  • You intend to be out all night.

No, if…

  • You want to stay in the same place all night.
  • You don’t mind queueing to get in.
  • You’re planning on arriving early, in which case you may well get in free anyway.

Comparison with the Barcelona Night Card

The VIP-IN card isn’t the only package deal for clubbing in Barcelona. There’s also the Barcelona Night Card. The offer isn’t quite the same:

  • The VIP-IN pass is valid all night, whereas the Barcelona Night Card (BNC) is only valid until 2am.
  • The VIP-IN pass is available for one or two nights, whereas the BNC covers up to 7 consecutive nights.
  • The clubs covered by the VIP-IN pass are more exclusive than those on the BNC list (although some clubs accept both cards: Otto Zutz, Catwalk, Shôko and Soho).
  • The VIP-IN pass is more expensive: €27 for 1 night and €40 for 2 nights, as opposed to €20 for 7 nights with the Barcelona Night Card.

pass vip-in cdlc

Useful information

  • The VIP-IN card costs around €27 for 1 night, €40 for 2 nights.
  • It offers queue-jump access to the 14 clubs on the list, as long as you’re dressed appropriately. The dress code for the clubs on the list is generally fairly smart.
  • Check the dress code and the minimum age before you go. Some clubs don’t give access to under-21s (although in practice, this doesn’t seem to apply to girls).
  • The card doesn’t include drinks.
  • It’s valid every night the clubs are open.

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