Planning your airport-hotel journey in Barcelona


Many of you, via the comments in the article Easy transfers from Barcelona airport to the city centre, asked us what is the best way to get to your hotel or accommodation from Barcelona airport.

We are going to provide some simple tools for doing this. If you already know them, perfect! If not, read the whole article carefully as it will be very useful to you!

How to plan your airport-hotel route online?

Google provides a very easy way of planning your journey and there is nothing like a concrete example to explain the process properly!

Say you have planned to take a holiday in Barcelona and you are staying at the Chic & Basic Ramblas hotel. Except you don’t know which route to take from terminal 1 to get there.

  • First step: head to the Google maps page.
  • Then type in your departure point, that is Barcelona Airport T1, in the appropriate box.

airport-hotel google maps

  • Then, activate the directions function by clicking on the arrow on a blue background in a large white circle.
  • Then enter your destination. If needed, change the direction of the route by clicking on the two vertical arrows.


You will then be offered various possible routes as well as their average journey time. Next to this, the route will appear on the map of Barcelona and its surrounding areas.

In this example 3 different routes are suggested, 2 by car and 1 using public transport.

If you want to take public transport, click on this one and the detailed route will appear.

So, to get to the Chic & Basic, it takes on average 36 minutes from terminal 1 taking the Aerobus (A1) and then metro line 3.

metro drawing post

Now you’ve almost arrived at your destination, the adventure can begin…

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