Primark in Barcelona: time to shop for bargains!

Primark Barcelona

Primark is an Irish company which opened its first store in Dublin in 1969. It’s now known worldwide for its unbeatable prices, and has over 250 stores around the world.

If you’ve yet to discover Primark, the chain sells clothes, underwear, accessories, shoes, decorative items and homewear at very, very low prices. In short, bargains!

  • The major advantage is that you can replace your entire wardrobe for next to nothing.
  • On the flipside, you get what you pay for: don’t expect exceptional quality. Primark clothes and accessories aren’t really made to last.
  • The company has also attracted significant criticism for unethical practices, notably the use of sweatshops in Asia, where workers are paid very little and work very long hours – one of the reasons Primark’s prices are so low.

Primark stores in Barcelona

There are two stores in Barcelona: one in the L’Illa Diagonal shopping centre, and the other at Diagonal Mar. Both sell clothing for men, women and children, decorative objects and homewares.

  • Both stores are technically on the same street, as Avigunda Diagonal cuts right through Barcelona – but that’s not to say they’re nearby, so don’t plan on visiting both on the same day!

Primark at L’Illa Diagonal

Primark Illa Barcelona L’Illa Diagonal

is around 25 minutes from Plaça Catalunya by bus or metro, meaning it’s pretty easy to get to.

The Primark store at L’Illa opened in 2011, and covers almost 2000 m2 over two floors. The ground floor is devoted to womenswear, with all other departments on the lower ground floor (-1).

  • Primark L’Illa is well laid-out, with wide aisles and well-stocked displays.
  • Our favourite part of the store is the underwear and hosiery department, which offers a vast variety of fun options at incredible prices.

Primark at Diagonal Mar

Primark Diagonal Mar Barcelona

Situated on level -1 of the Diagonal Mar shopping centre, this branch is much smaller than its sister at L’Illa. There’s much less on offer in terms of clothing.

  • If you’re on a clothing hunt, you may want to visit the other store instead – there’s more choice!
  • That said, this branch has a larger range of accessories and underwear.

During the week, the store is generally well-organised, but at the weekend, when it gets busy, things can get a little chaotic.

In short, if it’s choice you’re after, head to Primark at L’Illa. Although even the bigger of the two stores in Barcelona has nothing on its gigantic cousins in the UK.

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Another Primark near Barcelona

There’s another Primark in the Splau shopping centre in Cornellà de Llobregat, a suburb located 12km outside Barcelona.

Its opening times are the same as those for Primark Diagonal Mar: 10am – 10pm Monday to Saturday, and a few Sundays in the year.

Shop ’til you drop

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Happy shopping!

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