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Renting an apartment with English speaking estate agent


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Renting an apartment in Barcelona can be child's play when you know where to look. This agency will make your search much easier!

renting an apartment Barcelona

If you’re planning to move to Barcelona, renting an apartment will be your top priority. But between the language barrier, dark or badly arranged apartments, and the sheer number of ads, the search can easily become complicated and unpleasant!

To make it easier, we have written an article with some advice and recommendations on Finding medium to long term accommodation in Barcelona.

We also recommend an estate agent with a lot of advantages:

  • A welcome in English
  • A selection of apartments in good condition
  • Medium to long term leases
  • All the medium term rentals are furnished and equipped and 80% of the 650 managed by the agency have wifi.
  • 24 hour assistance for all medium term rentals and 90% of the long term rentals.
  • A wide price range to suit all budgets from €750 to €3000
  • Remote booking if necessary

  • If you’re looking for a holiday apartment, click here!

Monthly rental of a furnished apartment in Barcelona

How it works

  • The apartments are managed entirely by the agency so you will never need to contact the landlord. The agency takes care of everything.
  • You can be looked after in English.
  • They offer a reactive service in the case of problems (e.g. broken washing machine – all the apartments are fitted with one). No need to wait for the owner as the agency looks after it.
  • You can also call a 24 hour emergency number if there is any problem. For example, if you find yourself locked out, you can call the emergency number and the agency will send you a trusted locksmith. You will of course have to pay the bill for it, but it’s still a very helpful service!

Long term rental of a furnished apartment in Barcelona

If you’re staying for longer than 11 months you will have a lot more choice: furnished or unfurnished, central location or further out and cheaper (Sant Andreu, Nou Barris).

However, not all the apartments are fully managed (although 90% are). So you may have to deal directly with the landlord.

Examples of apartments to rent

To give you an idea of what’s on offer, here are a few examples of apartments managed by this agency. Bear in mind they will not be available when you are looking for your new home. But you should be able to find similar offers.

Rent a studio in the bohemian Gràcia area

Small flats are quite rare in Barcelona. It’s much easier to find shared accommodation in a large apartment than a studio for living alone. However, there are some studios of around 30 square metres available for around €750 per month, totally furnished and close to a metro station.

renting an apartment in Barcelona studio

Rent a loft in the centre of the old city

If you like open spaces, here is an example of a 60 square metre loft in the middle of the Gothic district for around €1000 per month, made up of 2 reception rooms, a small terrace, an office corner and a kitchen.

renting an apartment Barcelona kitchenrenting an apartment barcelona loft


renting an apartment barcelona decoration

Rent an apartment with terrace in Eixample

Here is another example of 80 square metres in the Eixample district. Expect to pay around €1500 for this furnished 2 bedroom apartment with large terrace in which to enjoy the Barcelona sun!

Bear in mind that a terrace increases the price of an apartment. So it depends what your priorities are!

renting an apartment in eixamplerenting an apartment Barcelona living room

renting an apartment Barcelona terrace view

Rent a family apartment

Coming to live in Barcelona with your family? Like many people you will no doubt be interested in the Sarrià area, a very cosy and friendly area where a furnished 3 bedroom apartment (75 square metres) will cost around €1500 per month.


renting an apartment Barcelona bedroom


renting an apartment in Barcelona terrace

  • The furnished apartments we are showing you here are just an example to give you an idea of the market. The agency also offers unfurnished apartments and the price of these can be significantly lower.

Contact an estate agent

To contact this estate agent click here to reach our contact form, select “Contact an estate agent”, and you will receive a reply very soon.

Happy moving!

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