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Visit Barcelona: the main tourist sites ranked by value for money


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Travelling on a budget to visit Barcelona? We've ranked some of the biggest attractions in terms of value for money to help you identify your priorities.

visit barcelona: sagrada familia

Visit Barcelona and its main tourist attractions in Barcelona does not always come cheap. In recent years, prices have really taken off and some free places that were for free now charge admission in order to cover the renovation costs of these architectural wonders.

However, the price of entry to a tourist attraction is not a reliable indicator of value. To help you chose which sites to visit, we’ve arranged Barcelona’s major architectural sights in order of what, in our opinion, represents the best value for money. The destinations further down the list are still well worth visiting – it’s just that we feel the ticket price is a little too high.

1. Visit Barcelona: Sagrada Familia

sagrada familia

The ticket to get into the Sagrada Familia costs €17. This is a sum that you will not regret to pay because you will be amazed by it. However, all of the work involved in completing the basilica is financed by ticket sales alone, so it’s all for a good cause!

You also get a lot for your money: Sagrada Familia is absolutely unique. It’s astonishingly beautiful, and well worth every cent of the entrance price. The light flooding into the structure, the colours, and Gaudí’s genius for completely innovative design all add up to make Sagrada Familia a truly unmissable place to visit during any trip to Barcelona.

  • Click here to find out more about Sagrada Familia.

2. Visit Barcelona: Parc Güell

parc guell wave benches

Access to Parc Guëll, formerly free, is now only possible by buying a ticket (€8.5). This measure has one notable advantage, in that there are fixed quotas of visitors every hour. When entrance was free, the park was always packed. Now, you’ll have space to wander the alleyways, sit on the famous “wave” benches and take a photo with the mosaic salamander, without having to fight for elbow room.

Since there is charge os admission to enter the Park Güell, the renovation works are going very well. This spoils a little bit the visit, but this work is absolutely necessary for the Park Güell.

We have tested and approved a guided tour with good value for money. We recommend it to you. It will help you understand this crazy project born of the overflowing imagination of Gaudí and Eusebi Güell, his patron.


3. Visit Barcelona: Palau de la Música

palau de la musica architecture in Barcelona

The Palau de la Música is one of the world’s most beautiful concert halls. The colours and decorative details in the building are sublime, particularly in the daytime, when the sun streams through the stained-glass dome.

Entrance costs €20: not cheap, but for that, you get a guided visit.

4. Visit Barcelona: Palau Güell

palau guell architecture in Barcelona

This mansion, designed by Gaudí, is less well-known than Casa Batlló or Pedrera, almost certainly because it was created during the architect’s pre-modernist period. It’s well worth a trip, though: not only will you get to admire the magnificent décor, but you’ll also be able to spot signs and clues of future developments, which led to the explosion of the art nouveau movement.

Entry costs €12 and includes an audio guide, making for a very thorough and fascinating visit.

5. Visit Barcelona: Sant Pau Hospital

sant pau hospital architecture in Barcelona

The idea of a hospital as a tourist attraction may seem odd – but not when you realise that the hospital in question constitutes the largest grouping of modernist structures in Europe. A visit to the multiple buildings and underground passageways is a fascinating and different experience. Entrance costs around €14, free for under-12s.

6. Visit Barcelona: La Pedrera

casa mila pedrera architecture in Barcelona

Ah, the famous Pedrera! So well-known, so remarkable, so popular with tourists… so why is it so far down our list? Well, because of the ticket price: almost €22. Yes, the building is spectacular, the apartment is a fascinating plaec to visit, and the roof terrace is simply extraordinary. But the price is so high… especially if you’re visiting as a family! Go if you can afford it, though, as it’s one of the fullest expressions of Gaudí’s creative genius.

7. Visit Barcelona: Casa Batlló

glass casa batllo architecture in Barcelona

Just like La Pedrera, Casa Batlló merits its reputation. If your budget allows, then go! It’s a true marvel of architecture and engineering, with surprises around every corner. That said, you’ll have to pay for the privilege: visits last around 1 hour, and cost almost €24.50. However, an augmented reality videoguide brings a real plus to the visit.

Even if you’re not planning on going in, stop outside to admire the beautiful and extraordinary façade.

8. Visit Barcelona: Torre Bellesguard

torre bellesguard architecture in Barcelona

Another of Gaudí’s lesser-known works! Set in the hills overlooking Barcelona, the house is packed with history and features in any number of stories. As well as being a beautiful and interesting place to visit, the Torre Bellesguard houses an unfinished room, enabling visitors to gain an understanding of the different stages in Gaudí’s creative process. Entry costs from €9.

If this is your first trip to Barcelona, we’d recommend visiting another of Gaudí’s more famous works first – this is not the most iconic example of his style.

Finally, if you’re interested in the architecture of Barcelona, take a look at our free walking tour of Catalan Art Nouveau sites: a fabulous itinerary to follow in order to discover some of the city’s most spectacular façades without spending a cent.

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