5 good reasons to visit Barcelona in July and August

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What is there to say about summer in Barcelona? Well, it’s very hot, for starters (particularly in August), and the city is packed with tourists – but the advantages of visiting during this period far outweigh the drawbacks!

If you’re not sure which month to pick, note that the weather is more humid in August, and hotel rooms are also cheaper than in July, as you’ll see from our article 10 Tips for booking your hotel at the best price. Certain restaurants and bars close for the month of August, but it’s full steam ahead in the tourist areas!

Whichever month you opt for, here are five good things to do in Barcelona in July and August.

Kick back on Barcelona’s beaches

salt beach club August

Barcelona has a huge advantage over Europe’s other cultural capitals in that it’s right on the edge of the sea! It’s really easy to get from the centre to the beach, whether on foot, by metro, by bus or by bike.

Barcelona’s beaches in July and August

Barcelona has 7 main beaches, extending over 4km. Each has its own identity, as you’ll see from our article Barcelona’s beaches: info and advice for taking the plunge.

If you want to get out of the city to enjoy the sea in a more relaxed atmosphere, do not hesitate to take a look at our selection of beaches near Barcelona!

Beach bars

In summer, beach bars (or xiringuitos) spring up along the beaches. They’re only seasonal installations, so the food isn’t particularly elaborate, but it’s handy.

Click here for more information.

Top up your tan by the pool

pool in August

If sand isn’t your thing and you prefer a pool, have no fear – Barcelona has plenty of options for you, too! Whether you prefer something sporty, family-oriented, hidden or relaxed, our selection of Barcelona’s best pools is here.

Enjoy cut-price shopping during the sales

sale shopping Barcelona August

In Barcelona, summer = sales! The sales run from 1st July to 31st August, and there are plenty of bargains to be had – especially given that the pre-sale prices for many Spanish brands are around 30% cheaper here than in most other countries.

The following articles should help you target your shopping activities in accordance with your tastes:


Finally, if you live outside the EU, whatever your nationality, you can get a VAT rebate on your shopping. Win!

Eat a LOT of ice cream (you’re on holiday…)

fratello August

Summer without ice cream would be a bit like Barcelona without Gaudí: hard to imagine! Treat your tastebuds and cool off at one of our favourite places for ice cream in Barcelona. Well, when we say “one of”, we don’t mean to set limits, you could always try them all…

Enjoy a spot of culture: cinema, museums and concerts

Open-air cinemas

open air cinema August Barcelona

The hot summer nights provide the perfect opportunity to watch a film al fresco on a big screen!

There are plenty of options on offer, on beaches, in the gardens of an ancient castle, in a park… take your pick from our guide to open-air cinema in Barcelona.

Festivals and concerts

Brunch in the Park August Barcelona

If you’ve read our article on Summer festivals and concerts in Barcelona, you’ll know that there’s a lot on offer! From jazz to electro, rock to blues and pop, there’s something for everyone.

July and August: a truly “hot” time to visit Barcelona! (sorry. Couldn’t resist.)

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