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La Trocadero, for vegan burgers just a stone’s throw from the Sagrada Familia


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Tasty, good value vegan fast food? No you're not dreaming! Trocadero is a vegan restaurant that will exceed your expectations.

tray La Trocadero

Carrer de la Marina, 269
metro: Sagrada Familia (L2 y L5)


Monday to Saturday 11am to 11pm
Sundays 11am to 5pm

How much?

from €1


for its originality

If you happen to be looking for a 100% vegan, great value fast food place just a few meters from Gaudí’s most famous monument, then you’re in luck. La Trocadero is a new Barcelona burger joint that opened just a few months ago, right around the corner from the Sagrada Familia!

La Trocadero is lively

Literally just 1 minute from the Sagrada Familia, this colorful cafe is bursting with joy, and happy little googly eyes look out at you from all corners, adding a welcome whimsical touch. Their ideology is based on enjoying life, and where better to start than by eating well?

The wooden tables and chairs add a touch of substance to the place, and at the back there is a large, inviting area for enjoying your break.

la trocadero: decoration

La Trocadero’s vegan menu

Even if it’s not a totally innovative concept, as you can find vegan burgers all over the city, this is the only place dedicated exclusively to vegan fast food!

You can choose from a long list of very appealing burgers, as there’s a little of everything, including vegan bacon and vegan Spanish omelettes!

  • You can also try other specialties, such as the vegan hot dog or various types of salad. You might find it difficult to choose!

In terms of drinks, there are home made juices, iced teas and beers. You won’t go thirsty!

  • Like any good fast food place, the fries are a must! I strongly recommend you try them as they cook them in the oven with spices, making them healthy as well as delicious! (You can see them in the first photo, but be careful, because I only have to see them to start drooling again!)

la trocadero: burger

La Trocadero’s competitive prices

La Trocadero is a case against any who say that vegan food is always expensive. Here, for less than 5 euros you can enjoy a very tasty burger, and for 8 euros you can opt for the set menu which includes fries and a drink.

  • Given the quality of the food, this is excellent value!


La Trocadero’s sweet little extras

As well as fast food, La Trocadero also specializes in desserts, including donuts, cakes and coffee which you can enjoy with a dash of plant milk.

  • The best part? You can enjoy a coffee and sweets from just €1!

Whether you prefer salty or sweet, there are plenty of good reasons to come to La Trocadero and enjoy a snack or a delicious dinner any day of the week! They open every day from 11.

  • If you’re looking for other vegan alternatives, or you simply like to try new things, why not stop off at VegetArt or la Besnéta for a delicious treat? We guarantee you won’t regret it!

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