Barcelona Top Travel Tips
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sunny terraces Buenas Migas Barceloneta

Do you like to relax in the sun? Then get out your shades, we are off to find some sunny terraces in Barcelona! ...

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fàbrica moritz

Abundant beer and high end tapas are key to the success of Fàbrica Moritz! Discover with us a highly unusual restaurant. ...

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Moritz Store

The Moritz store is burstng with creativity. Whether you are a fan of beer or looking for a souvenir of Barcelona, you need to take...

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federal café

Pretty and peaceful, Federal Café has something for everyone: tapas, original dishes, pastries, cocktails, juice... Check it out at any time of day!...

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cervecería catalana

With low prices, fresh products, and a huge variety of tapas, Cervecería Catalana is a veritable institution!...

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vermut catalan drinks

Whatever you're in the mood for there is a Catalan drink for you: vermouth, cava, wines, beer, orxata de xufa, granissat, suís... A drink...

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100 montaditos sandwich and beer

Looking for a budget-friendly place in Barcelona to grab a couple of beers and a bite to eat? Cervecería 100 Montaditos is the place for...

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