Barcelona Top Travel Tips

fresh and seasonal produce

mostassa brunch

Mostassa: ethical eats in the Eixample quarter

Mostassa, in the heart of the Eixample, offers healthy and hearty local food options for budget-friendly brunches and tasty snacks - vegetarians welcome!...

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vegetarian restaurants: Biocenter

Vegetarian restaurants in Barcelona: top addresses for healthy eating

Vegetarian restaurants are springing up all over Barcelona. Here's our selection of top-quality picks! ...

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restaurant La Pepita Barcelona

La Pepita: an innovative, hip restaurant and tapas bar

Tasty tapas with friends in a small but perfectly-formed bar-restaurant is a great way to start your evening... La Pepita offers all that, and more!...

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Agust table

Agust Restaurant: gourmet tapas in a warm, welcoming environment

Opened in June 2015, Agust is a gastronomic restaurant run by two French expats living in Barcelona, which has quickly developed quite a reputation! ...

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Eat Street

Eat Street: Barcelona’s street food festival

Eat Street is a hip new foodie festival you won't want to miss! Once a month, one of Barcelona's streets is taken over by food...

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Boquería juice

La Boquería Market, an essential sight on Las Ramblas

If you're visiting Las Ramblas, a stop at La Boquería market is absolutely essential. A treat for all five senses!...

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Somodó dessert

Somodó: Catalan cuisine with a touch of Japanese style

If you enjoy original culinary experiences, grab your fork and/or chopsticks and get ready to dive in: the dishes at Somodó will blow you away!...

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breakfast federal

Breakfast in Barcelona: the guide

There's nothing like a proper breakfast to start the day off on the right note! Our list of fast and economical or more relaxed options...

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top markets Boqueria ham

Barcelona for foodies: our top 5 food markets

Places to wander, to wonder, to smell and to taste: Barcelona's fabulous markets offer a feast for the senses. Discover our five favourites here!...

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