Barcelona Top Travel Tips
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Brunch in the city Barcelona

Brunch in the City is the ideal destination for your spring Sundays, with electro music, great food, and a variety of activities for all the...

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vesping vespa

If you want to see the most of Barcelona in a short space of time, and you love driving a scooter, then Vesping is made...

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electric bike

Want to explore Barcelona under your own steam? Why not rent an electric bike for a couple of hours... or more, if the mood takes...

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liadísimo terrace garden

Just a five minute walk from Casa Vicens, the first house created by Gaudí, the sunny terrace of Café Liadísimo offers the perfect spot for...

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The sun is all well and good, but sometimes, you need a break from all that glorious heat! Icebarcelona offers a truly memorable solution…...

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