Barcelona Top Travel Tips
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Souvenir Maxo

Souvenir shopping: 3 shops with original gift ideas

Looking for something fun and original to take back from Barcelona? Here are three ideas for different, top-quality souvenirs....

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Grey Street

Grey Street: original, designer gift ideas

Grey Street is a little shop packed with original gift ideas for any budget. Anything you buy there is bound to be a hit! ...

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gift ideas

Fun or delicious gift ideas to take back from your trip to Barcelona

Everyone wants to bring back the most typical souvenirs and gifts from their travels, and in Barcelona there is no shortage of ideas! ...

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shopping centres

Shopping centres in Barcelona: the guide

Barcelona's shopping centres are a shopaholic's dream, with shops for all tastes and all budgets....

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Dos i una

Dos i una: one of Barcelona’s quirkiest gift shops

Dos i Una is a gift shop brimming with fun and original ideas. Definitely worth a visit, especially if you're looking for inspiration - you're...

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Moritz Store

The Moritz store: a quirky tribute to Barcelona’s favourite beer

The Moritz store is burstng with creativity. Whether you are a fan of beer or looking for a souvenir of Barcelona, you need to take...

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postcard barceloneta wawas Barcelona

Polaroid souvenirs at Wawas Barcelona

Souvenirs are great - but sometimes, you want something a bit different! Wawas Barcelona offers all the choice you could want, and more....

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Natura: gift-hunters, rejoice!

Natura, or the art of finding original gift ideas from all four corners of the world without leaving Barcelona......

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Tiger napkins

Tiger, Barcelona: the budget-friendly gift shop

Looking for fun and inexpensive gifts? Look no further than Tiger, a chain of shops with locations all over Barcelona. ...

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