Barcelona Top Travel Tips
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Rabipelao bar

If you love cocktails, do not miss Rabipelao bar where intensely fresh cocktails in exquisite flavours are always on the menu. Cheers!...

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primavera bedroom

The Primavera youth hostel offers a familial atmosphere in a beautiful and tastefully updated apartment....

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Christopher's Inn terrace

With its large bar and space to relax, Christopher's Inn is beloved of party animals and travellers looking to meet new people. ...

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terrace, Central Garden youth hostel

Succumb to the charms of the unpretentious Central Garden youth hostel where kindness and congeniality are key. ...

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xampanyeria bar

If you want an unusual but authentic Catalan culinary experience on a budget then get yourself to La Xampanyeria!...

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Fajitas Rosa del Raval

Want to try Mexican specialities in a friendly setting without breaking the bank? Rosa del Raval is exactly what you're looking for!...

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