Tapas trails: a budget-friendly way to discover Catalan cuisine

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Barcelona's very popular tapas trails are a fun and budget-friendly way of discovering Catalan cuisine. Off we go!

tapas trails

If you’re planning a whole meal of tapas, you could just pick a bar and stay there. Tapear (tapas-ing) properly, though, is practically an art form. It doesn’t just involve eating, but also the act of moving from bar to bar. Make the most of one of Barcelona’s many tapas trail events to do it in style, the way the locals do!

The “tapas trail” tradition

Tapas: an original culinary tradition

Traditionally, to “tapear”, you need to spend the evening going from bar to bar, changing scenery and atmosphere with each snack! It’s a fun way to experience plenty of new places in a single night.

An increasing number of tapas bars are joining together to organise tapas trails, which are a budget-friendly way of making new and tasty discoveries.

The tapas trail concept

Tapas trails have been springing up all over Barcelona in recent years. A number of tapas bars, generally from the same quarter, come together to create a temporary, fixed-price tapa + drink offer. Visitors are then free to travel from bar to bar as they like. You’ll get a drink with each tapa, so be pace yourself…

  • Note that the promotion doesn’t apply to all tapas, just to one tapa specially selected by the bar.

Tapas trails in Barcelona

“Tapas trails” (rutes de les tapes in Catalan) have been created in several areas of the city. These are occasional events, held one or more times a year – so check the dates to see if anything’s taking place during your stay in Barcelona. Even if there’s nothing on when you’re there, you’ll still find ideas for bars and areas to visit.

1. De tapes per Barcelona

This is the best-known of the tapas trails; unlike the others, it’s a city-wide affair, not limited to one quarter. Almost 70 tapas bars are involved each year, joining in the “best tapa” competition which runs alongside.

  • Price: 1 tapa + a small beer = €2.50

2. Tapes del Raval summer trail

This tapas trail, held every July, follows exactly the same concept as “De tapes per Barcelona”, but is held in the Raval quarter.

In practical terms, note that all of the bars involved in De tapes per Barcelona and Tapes del Raval give out maps showing all of the participating establishments. Very handy, especially after the first couple of drinks…

  • Price: 1 tapa + a small beer = €2.50

3. Ruta de la tapa de Gràcia

The same concept has been adopted in the bohemian Gràcia quarter. The tapas shown on the official website look particularly tasty.

  • Price: 1 tapa + a small beer = €2.40

4. Tapantoni

Tapantoni is a tapas trail around the Sant Antoni quarter, near Poble Sec. The initiative was launched in 2013 and has gained in popularity year on year. It’s slightly different from the others in that certain cafés also participate, offering sweet tapas and drinks. For more information, see our article on Tapantoni.

  • Price: €2-3 for a tapa and a draught beer or glass of wine
  • The 2016 edition ran from 11th – 27th November.

5. Atrapa la tapa (Nou Barris)

Nou Barris, on the very edges of Barcelona, has also followed the tapas trail trend (try saying that with your mouth full). More than 50 venues have adopted the approach, every Thursday night in summer from 7pm – 11pm.

  • Price: 1 tapa + 1 drink = €1.95
  • The 2016 edition ran from 12th May – 29th September; expect similar dates for 2017.

Sounds promising…

Official Atrapa la tapa website

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