Barcelona Top Travel Tips
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for children

cafe harry potter entrance

Pudding Diagonal or the Harry Potter café in Barcelona

Barcelona has an entire café devoted to the many devoted fans of Harry Potter. If that's you, then hop on your Nimbus 2000 and head...

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Brunch in the park

Brunch in the park: electronic rhythms and picnics with family and friends

Nature, sunshine, music and picnics are central to Brunch in the park, an event for both party animals and families. ...

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Pushchair rental in Barcelona: a great option for travelling light

Visiting Barcelona with a baby or toddler? This highly practical pushchair rental service will help you to travel light!...

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Magical fountains Barcelona

Magical fountains in Barcelona: an impressive (and free) sound and light show

Looking for a night time show that's beautiful and also happens to be free? Barcelona's magical fountains offer a fascinating light and sound show for...

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natural science museum

Museu Blau: the Barcelona natural science museum

The natural science museum brings together all the elements of the planet's evolution. It's a wonderful interactive tour that will delight curious children! ...

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Sant Medir Barcelona

Sant Medir: the festival of sweets that’s a hit with children

Sant Medir is called "the sweetest festival" of the year, and if you are tempted by the idea of a shower of sweets then get...

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Maritime museum galley

Barcelona maritime museum: a look at life on the sea

Are you fascinated by all nautical things? Then you'll love the Barcelona maritime museum. All aboard! ...

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magic fountain family weekend

How to have a cheap holiday in Barcelona with the kids

Your mission, if you choose to accept it: devise a cheap stay in Barcelona with the family. With our help, it's a piece of cake....

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aquarium Barcelona

Barcelona Aquarium: immerse yourself in an underwater world

Whether you're visiting Barcelona as a family or you just love sea life, you will have a wonderful time at the aquarium. So dive right...

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Zoo dolphin

Barcelona Zoo, a jungle in the city centre

Barcelona zoo is centrally located absolutely immense, and a great place to visit with kids. Here are a few things you should know....

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