Barcelona Top Travel Tips
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Pushchair rental in Barcelona: a great option for travelling light

Visiting Barcelona with a baby or toddler? This highly practical pushchair rental service will help you to travel light!...

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phone orange

SIM cards and phone contracts in Barcelona: prices and information

If you're moving to Barcelona for any length of time, getting yourself a Spanish phone number is an essential step. Read our guide to find...

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budget Barcelona

Cost of living in Barcelona: planning your budget

Trying to plan your budget for your trip to Barcelona? It can be a prickly endeavour. Here are a few indicators to help you define...

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electric bike

Barcelona by electric bike: fun, practical and green!

Want to explore Barcelona under your own steam? Why not rent an electric bike for a couple of hours... or more, if the mood takes...

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free parking Barcelona

Free parking in Barcelona

No, your eyes aren't deceiving you! It is possible to park in Barcelona for free. Can't say better than that!...

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Tickets Metro Barcelona for a tourist journey

Metro, buses and trams in Barcelona: prices and top tips to save money during a tourist stay

Planning on using the metro or other public transport to get around Barcelona? Have no fear, our handy guide is here! ...

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