Metro, buses and trams in Barcelona: prices and top tips to save money


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Planning on using the metro or other public transport to get around Barcelona? Have no fear, our handy guide is here!

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How much?

Hola Bcn 48h: 15.20 euros
Hola Bcn 72h: 22.20 euros
Hola Bcn 96h: 28.80 euros
Hola Bcn 120h: 25.40 euros
T Dia: 8.60 euros
T10: 10.20 euros
T50/30: 43.50 euros
T70/30: 60.90 euros

Public transport offers a simple and practical way of getting around Barcelona. The vehicles and facilities are clean and modern, and all tourist sites in the city are easily accessible using the network.

T10, T 70/30, T50/30, T dia, Hola BCN – new Star Wars droids? No… these are some of the public tranport tickets most suitable for a stay in Barcelona. Other options are available, but only to residents of the city.

  • Hint: if you’re planning on making more than 3 journeys using public transport, or if you’re travelling in a group, don’t buy single tickets – there are far more economical ways of doing things. Since January 2018, a single ticket will set you back €2.20.

Metro, bus, tram, ferrocarril: grouped tickets, prices and useful information

The T10

  • What is it? The T10 is a card which allows you to take 10 one-way trips by metro, bus, tram and train around the city centre.
  • Price: The T10 costs €10.20, which works out at around €1 per trip. Given the price of a single ticket (€2.20), the T10 will save you €11.80 over 10 trips.
  • It can be shared by several members of the same family or the same group, so it’s easy to get your money’s worth.
  • Validity: Your T10 card will be valid until the last day of February of the following year. After this point, expired cards can be exchanged, on condition that they haven’t been used, up until the end of June. You may have a small fee to pay if the price has gone up in the meantime.
  • The zone 1 T10 is cheapest, and most of the major tourist attractions are inside zone 1. Score!

The T 70/30

  • What is it?  The T70/30 allows you to make 70 journeys over a period of 30 days.
  • Price: €60.90, bringing the price of a single journey down to 87 cents, compared to around €1 with the T10.
  • It can be shared between multiple users.
  • Validity: 30 consecutive days, starting from the first use of the card.

Take good care of your card, as it could well last you for your entire trip. In case of loss or theft, you’ll have to buy another ticket.

Metro, bus, tram, ferrocarril: individual tickets, prices and useful information

The T dia

  • What is it? The T dia (“day”) card gives unlimited travel for the day, from the moment you first use it until the end of service.
  • Price: €8.60
  • The card is personal and cannot be shared.
  • Validity: one day.

Hola BCN

Like the Tdia, these four cards are individual and allow unlimited travel over 2, 3, 4 or 5 days.

  • The Hola BCN- 2  days (“48h”) card is green, and costs €15.20
  • The Hola BCN- 3  days (“72h”) card is orange, and costs €22.20
  • The Hola BCN- 4  days (“96h”) card is red, and costs €28.80
  • The Hola BCN- 5  days (“120h”) card is blue, and costs €35.40
  • TOP TIP! Buy your Hola BCN cards in advance here to save 5% on the normal retail price.

The T50/30

  • What is it? The T50/30 allows you to make 50 journeys over 30 days.
  • Price: €43.50, equivalent to 87 cents per trip, rather than €1 with the T10.
  • The card is personal and cannot be shared.
  • Validity: 30 consecutive days, starting from the first use of the card.

Where to buy

  • On entering the RENFE train at the airport. The cards also cover the journey from the airport to the centre of Barcelona.
  • At tram stations
  • At the entrance to all métro and ferrocarril stations, either at the window or using the automatic TMB machines. Instructions are available in English by clicking on the flag icon at the bottom of the screen. Next, select your card: T10, T 70/30, T 50/30 or T dia, Hola BCN 2 dies, 3 dies, 4 dies, 5 dies, all in zone 1 (important!) and choose the number of cards you want to buy. Be careful not to get the number of cards and the number of zones mixed up. You can then pay with cash or by card. Simple!

Using your card

You need to validate (stamp) your card every time you use it. On buses and trams, you’ll find a stamping machine near the doors.

At metro or ferrocarril stations, you’ll need to use your card to get through a turnstile or automatic door. Sometimes, the machine will show how many trips you have left. Don’t forget to retrieve your card each time. Note that the side where you insert the card to get through is not the same at every station.

In any case, take good care of your card – if it’s damaged, you won’t necessarily be able to get it replaced.

  • A little-known top tip: with any of these cards, you only need to validate once for each trip, even if you use several different modes of transport. If you change from a bus to another bus or the metro, tram or ferrocaril, it still counts as the same trip, even if you’re on the return leg, on condition that your journey time is less than an hour and a quarter.
  • Example: You get the bus from avenue Diagonal to plaça Catalunya, get off and spend a short while in plaça Catalunya. If you take a different bus service or the metro back to Diagonal or, for example, toward Sagrada Familia, and if your journey time is less than 1 1/4 hours from first validation, then it counts as a single trip. However, this is not the case if you get the same bus service again.

Note that if you leave a metro station to walk to another or, for that matter, return to the same station later, you’ll have to validate again on your second entry and it will count as two trips. However, this is not the case if you go from a metro station to a ferrocaril station. Handy, no?

Choosing your card

In our opinion, the T10 is the most practical option, and it’s easy to get your money’s worth, no matter how long your stay. We recommend buying one to see how you get on.

If you’re planning on using public transport a lot, it may be worth buying a Hola BCN card.

Otherwise, take your time and walk! Barcelona is a highly “walkable” city, and you’ll discover all sorts of things on your travels.

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2 commentaires sur Metro, buses and trams in Barcelona: prices and top tips to save money

  1. Avatar Sarita says:

    Dear Valerie,
    Thank you so much for your easy to follow instructions.
    This website is very helpful for us tourists as it is in English.
    Kindly tell me is there a difference between Barcelona Card and Hola Barcelona Card, if yes what is the difference?
    If I purchase these cards for a group of people,( we are a group of parents, students and teachers who are coming for World Scholars from Kenya), where will I have to collect them from?

    • Maite Maite says:

      Dear Sarita,

      Thank you for your comment, we are very please that you find useful our website.

      The Hola BCN card, includes unlimited transport, whereas the Barcelona Card includes unlimited transport and great discounts for many tourist attractions.

      So, which is the best option? If your stay in Barcelona will last between 3 and 5 days and you’re an “active” tourist, aged between 25 and 65 and planning to use public transport, then the Barcelona Card may well be your best be.

      However, in the case of students, children and over 65’s, there are many museums that offer discounts to people in these age groups, meaning this card may not be worth it.

      Regarding the Hola BCN card, it can be a good option if you are planning to use public transport quite much to move around the city.

      The cards can be collected from any of the city’s many Tourist Information offices. You will find a list of sites and where to find them in this article.

      Finally, I also recommend you to compare the advantages of this card with the Barcelona City Pass, you will find more information about this card in this article.

      Have a great trip! 🙂

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