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A tour of the Gràcia neighbourhood after a visit to Parc Güell

after visiting Parc Güell, Sol square

Off to visit Parc Güell but can’t decide where to go afterwards? If you’re looking to grab something to eat or drink, or you simply want to swap a stifling tourist-filled metro journey for a pleasant stroll, the Gràcia neighbourhood is the perfect solution!

Discover an authentic neighbourhood after visiting Parc Güell

Gràcia is located between the park and the city center, and until relatively recently it was a small village. It has even managed to retain some village charm, as it is full of tree-lined streets, little local shops and squares to relax in and have a drink far away from the city’s throngs of tourists.

Enjoy a pleasant stroll after visiting Parc Güell

Verdi street, after visiting Parc Güell

We will start by wandering down the beautiful tree-line Verdi street, which is semi-pedestrianized like most of the area, making it perfect for a leisurely stroll. This street has the perfect combination of everyday shops and more modern boutiques. The truth is it can be difficult to resist the temptation to stop (and shop) in more than one of them…you’ve been warned!

Discover unusual town squares after visiting Parc Güell

after visiting Parc Güell, plaza virreina

Halfway up the street, we advise you to take a left, and you will find yourself facing Plaça Virreina, or “the church square” as the locals call it. Traces of Gaudì’s unique architecture were recently found inside this church, so it is well worth taking a look inside, and the surrounding square is very peaceful with almost daily musical performances taking place to liven up the atmosphere.


After this, to avoid getting lost in Gràcia’s labyrinth of little streets, we suggest you trace your steps back to Verdi and continue along that street.

Now that you’ve eaten your fill, how about continuing your stroll towards Plaça Revolució? Here you’ll find some lovely terraces that are perfect for enjoying a nice coffee. Or maybe even dessert.

  • In the lower street of the square, you will find la Nena, a café and chocolate specialist serving irresistible homemade sweets! It’s not good for your diet but it’s very good for your soul 😉

And since we’re here, if you simply turn to your right you will find Plaça del Sol. This is one of my favorite squares, and it’s also one of the liveliest in the area. Almost every day you can observe gatherings of friends having lively discussions over a drink, and it’s right here that you will also find Sol Soler, an unmissable tapas bar!

There’s a reason why Gràcia is renowned for its pretty squares! Cross the street and you will find yourself in Plaça de la Vila. It’s easy to recognise as there is an enormous clock tower in the middle. In times gone by this was the site of the town hall, and the clock tower was a reference point for the locals.

after visiting Parc Güell, plaza de la vila

Down to Avenida Diagonal for shopping after visiting Parc Güell

To finish up, hang a right to get to Gran de Gràcia, one of the area’s main thoroughfares. This street is lined with both local businesses and stores of well known international brands. And before you know it you’re on the Diagonal, the impressive avenue that cuts across all of Barcelona.

  • If you have a bit more walking in you, head down Passeig de Gràcia to see Gaudí’s most famous houses, casa Batllò and the Pedrera.

One thing is sure, after all that walking, you will certainly be looking forward to a nice relaxing evening!

Ready? Get set. Stroll…!

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