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Barcelona Hotels: Top 10 destinations for a memorable stay


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Here is a list of hotels where you can enjoy a comfortable and memorable stay in Barcelona. Ready to book your room?

Barcelona hotels, the gates diagonal barcelona

Barcelona is known for its creativity, even in its hotels, and many of the Catalan capital’s establishments stand out from the crowd due to their charm, comfort or originality.

In order to help you choose from the many options on offer we have created a list of hotels that we highly recommend if you want to have a great time in Barcelona. Feel free to steal our ideas!

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Barcelona Hotels: 10 addresses to remember

We recommend these 10 hotels as we found them to be particularly appealing.

We have sorted them starting with the least expensive and ending with the dearest. Be warned, our order is not always accurate as the room price often varies depending on the season and special offers. But we hope we can still make your search a little easier.

Barcelona Hotels: Eco-zentric, the most eco-friendly

Barcelona hotels: Ecozentric

Ecozentric is an establishment with an important concept! In this hotel, everything is environmentally friendly: the decor and the furniture are recycled, the bedding is organic and the electronic appliances are energy efficient. If you are environmentally conscious, you can sleep easy at Ecozentric!

Barcelona Hotels: Praktik Bakery, for the foodies

Barcelona hotels: Praktik Bakery

Falling asleep to the sweet aroma of baking bread is a real possibility in Barcelona! Praktik Bakery is a hotel with a very original concept as its entrance hall houses a bakery! And not just any bakery, but Baluard, one of the best and most popular bakeries in the Catalan capital!

The hotel offers a set breakfast menu with as many pastries as you can eat…What better way to start the day?

Praktik Vinoteca, the most hedonistic

Barcelona hotels: praktik vinoteca

The Praktik hotel chain has another surprise in store, this time with a lot more grape than grain. The Praktik Vinoteca is a hotel completely dedicated to the world of wine: bottles on the wall, free tastings of regional or Spanish wines, recommendations for wine bars in Barcelona…Everything you need for an exceptional night…


Barcelona Hotels: Chic and Basic Ramblas, the most inventive

Barcelona Hotels Chic and Basic Ramblas

Cross the threshold of Chic and Basic and you will be immediately struck by its unusual decor!  No, you’re not dreaming, a petty little green Seat 600 reigns over the lobby!

Built in a former industrial building, this hotel also has a library with a pool table. For a memorable stay…

The Gates Diagonal Barcelona: The best design

Barcelona hotels: the gates diagonal barcelona

Festive, well designed and in a great location, The Gates Diagonal Barcelona hotel has it all. The rooms have a superb view of the Torre Agbar, a luminous tower designed by architect Jean Nouvel, which has become one of Barcelona’s most notable symbols. Head up to the large roof terrace to enjoy superb views of the city from the pool!

Barceló Atenea Mar: The seafront option

Hotels Barcelona Barcelo Atenea Mar

If you’re looking for a hotel with a view of the Mediterranean, then the Barceló Atenea Mar might be the hotel for you. You can contemplate the sea from the pool on the hotel terrace, and this establishment places a lot of emphasis on tranquility and comfort, so you are bound to have a relaxing stay!

Barcelona Hotels: Ofelias, the coziest

Barcelona Hotels: Ofelias

If you’re looking for the ultimate in relaxation and well-being, head to Ofelias! Enjoy its beautiful pool and bask in the sun on the terrace. Inside, the elegant and considered decor creates a warm and cozy atmosphere!

Barceló Raval: for the best view

Barcelona hotels: Barceló Raval 360

If you like a hotel that’s out of the ordinary, then you might just fall for the Barceló Raval: modern design, bright and surprising decor… it’s an unusual hotel that’s well worth a visit! Moreover it has two significant pluses: an absolutely exceptional brunch menu and a breathtaking terrace view!

Hotel España: The “Art Nouveau” option

Barcelona hotels: Espanya hotels

If you’re interested in traveling through time, the hotel España will take you straight to the Barcelona of the early 20th Century. A veritable modernist gem, its grandiose decor will leave you speechless. As well as its historic charm, it also offers very modern rooms and a roof terrace that is the very essence of style.

Barcelona Hotels: The Pulitzer, the most refined

Barcelona hotels: Pulitzer terrace

Pulitzer is a boutique hotel with a simple but delicate style and a particularly elegant and peaceful atmosphere! Its major plus is ts intimate terrace, which is a veritable oasis in the city center! But that’s not all: the Pulitzer is also in the perfect location, just a stone’s throw from the Plaça Catalunya, and it even boasts a high end gym.

Barcelona hotels: book in advance!

  • Hotel prices vary enormously depending on the season so it’s best to plan your stay as far in advance as possible. This will allow you to make considerable savings. Book your hotel and your fast-track tickets as soon as you decide on the dates of your trip!

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