Which is the best season for visiting Barcelona?

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Barcelona enjoys a mild climate all year round but the weather varies a lot depending on the season. As does the level of tourism. To tell the truth, each season has its pros and cons, and it’s up to you to pick the best time depending on the type of stay you want to have in Barcelona. Here are a few ideas to help you.

Visiting Barcelona in Summer

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Summer is the perfect season if…

For you, holidays in Barcelona means beach, tanning, heat, cocktails on the terrace or wild parties. No doubt, Summer is the best time for you to visit Barcelona. The temperatures are around 30 degrees, the sea is beautiful and the season of beach bars is in full swing.

And although Barcelona is a festive destination all year round, it hits another level in Summer. Some exceptional places only open their doors on sunny days, like the open air disco La Terrazza (in the heart of Poble Espanyol) or the terrace of the hotel W, which organises parties every Sunday of the Summer, and where the guest of honour is the magnificent sea view.

You can also enjoy a number of open air cinema cycles and the festival Brunch in the park every Sunday afternoon.

Summer is the season to avoid if….

You are looking for peace and quiet, and you don’t like heat or crowds. If this is you then it’s best to visit Barcelona at a different time of year. Also bear in mind that accommodation is more expensive during the Summer as it’s high season.

Visiting Barcelona in Autumn

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Autumn is the perfect season if…

September and October are less hot and less busy than July and August. But in recent years October has been particularly sunny, and the beaches have been quite full during the October holidays. Also, the sea is a little warmer in Autumn than in Spring.

November is often mild and there are fewer tourists in Barcelona so it’s a real pleasure for anyone who wants to discover the city in peace!

Another undeniable plus for Autumn compared to Summer is the price of accommodation is much lower in September, October and November than in July and August.

Avoid Autumn if….

September and October are certainly sunny but there is also a greater chance of rain than in July and August. The weather can be changeable and switch from sunny to rainy in the blink of an eye.

There are also fewer activities and open air festivals than in Summer

Visiting Barcelona in Winter

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Winter is the perfect season if…

You like peace and quiet and you want to discover the city without hordes of tourists around. The Winter is the perfect time to visit Barcelona, and it’s low season so the tourist sites are less busy and accommodation prices are cheapest (except on Christmas and New Year’s).

And although the temperatures are a little cooler, the sun considerably raises the temperature during the day when it can get to around 13 degrees.

Avoid Winter if…

As you can imagine, there is not too much tanning and swimming that happens in Winter. However you can still enjoy sitting on the terrace, being warmed by rays of sun.

Visiting Barcelona in the Spring

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Spring is the perfect season if…

Spring is the season where Barcelona starts to come back to life after the Winter break. From April the beach bars come back, the terraces swarm, and the parties are lively. The two biggest festivals in Barcelona, Primavera Sound and Sónar, take place in Spring and you can feel Summer is on its way! However the prices are still more reasonable than in July and August, and there are still fewer people (except during holy week).

Avoid Spring if….

Like in Autumn, the weather is changeable in Spring: these are the hazards of the mid-season break. It is possible that it might rain so don’t be too disappointed if that happens. Also bear in mind that although prices are generally lower in Spring than in Summer they can shoot up during holy week, Primavera Sound and Sónar.

So, have you decided on the best season for your trip to Barcelona? What if you tried them all?

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