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Clubs and nights out in Barcelona: a weekend for party animals!

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Barcelona is one of the world’s party capitals. With its Mediterranean climate, beaches, international vibe and a whole host of clubs, it has everything you could want for a great night out! Add to that the local culture of al fresco living and wandering from bar to bar, and you have the recipe for a spectacular time. Put on your dancing shoes, and off we go!

Getting to Barcelona

To get to Barcelona without breaking the bank, take a look at our recommendations in the Advice section. You’ll find plenty of great tips, whether you’re planning on travelling by plane, train, bus or car.

Find somewhere to stay in a strategic location

The luxury option: a hotel in Vila Olímpica

If your budget allows, find a hotel in the Vila Olímpica area (the Olympic Village, built for the 1992 games). These classy institutions offer everything you need for a spot of R&R after a big night out.

The area is a stone’s throw from the beach and from some of Barcelona’s best-known clubs (Opium, Shôko, etc.). A room here will set you back from 80 – 100 euros a night, minimum.

  • A list of hotels in the Vila Olímpica can be found here.

The budget option: rent an apartment near the beach

If you’re on a tighter budget, renting an apartment is a great option. You should be able to find something in a great location, with more space than in a hotel room, without parting with too much of your hard-earned cash.

Saturday: beaches and clubs

Top up your tan

palm trees

In summer, nightclub promoters trawl the beaches looking for guests for their events. They offer cut-price entrance (feel free to indulge in a spot of haggling) for forthcoming nights out. This means you can top up your tan and plan your evening at the same time – how’s that for efficiency?

Dinner and music

For dinner and entertainment on the sea front, check out the restaurants near Hotel W (Pez Vala, El Gallito, etc.): the relaxed and hip vibe attracts the pre-club crowds.

The clubs around the Olympic Port (Opium, Shôko, CDLC etc.) operate as restaurants during the day. They’re great places to eat, and there’s the added advantage of not having to move if you’re planning on starting the night there. The Bestial restaurant is also nearby, and has a particularly good terrace bar.

Pre-club drinks

If shots are your thing, then the Espit Chupitos chain, with bars across the city, is the place for you, with hundreds of shots (chupitos in Spanish) for €2 each. Go easy, though, or you might regret it later!

The south side of the Gothic Quarter is packed with fun and inexpensive watering holes, particularly on Carrer D’en Gignàs and Carrer Mercè (where you’ll find Rabipelao). Make like the locals and wander from bar to bar – you’re sure to find some new favourites.

bar rabipelao

Choosing a club

Here are a few of our favourite options:

  • Hip clubs: Sutton and Bling Bling for commercial hits, Ker for electro (and spectacular décor)
  • Iconic or alternative clubs: Apolo, Razzmatazz
  • Something a little different: L’Atlantida has a giant swimming pool, or try La Terrrazza for its unique and picturesque setting
  • Smaller clubs with great atmosphere: La Fira for commercial hits and Latino tunes, Moog for a more laid-back vibe

Top tip: save money on entry!

  • The Barcelona Night Card offers fantastic value for money, getting you into 22 clubs for the price of one over a period of 2 or 7 days.

Sunday morning: recovery brunch

It’s as if Barcelona was in its own time zone: nightlife only really gets going around 2am, and goes on until around 6. There’s a good chance you’ll want to stay in bed for a bit on Sunday morning… Once you’ve managed to emerge, help yourself along the road to recovery with brunch!

Dreaming of an American-style brunch with generous helpings of everything? Head to Brunch&Cake.

If not, why not try one of our 5 favourite brunch spots?

brunch and cake

Sunday evening: party by the sea

Sunday night is a particularly good time to go out in summer. It’s easy to see why…

  • TheMac Arena Mar bar/restaurant, actually on the beach, is well-known in Barcelona for its fabulous evening events. There are DJs on site every day, but the most popular events are held on Sundays.
  • Hotel W is open to the public on Sunday evenings. If your name’s on the guest list, you won’t have to pay a cent (look for the event list on Facebook by searching for W Barcelona Wet Deck). Note that the location is rather chic and you’ll be expected to dress accordingly. Make sure you’re there for 8pm (or even a little earlier), as events are very popular and the space fills up fast.
  • If you don’t manage to get into the W, don’t panic: El Gallito, just below the hotel, also holds events on Sunday evenings, which are great fun and more laid-back than at the W.

Let’s get this party started!

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