Barcelona Top Travel Tips

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FC Barcelona calendar, flag Camp Nou

FC Barcelona calendar: season dates for 2019/2020

If you want to go see a football match at Camp Nou, this FC Barcelona calendar will let you know the dates of all the...

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FC Barcelona museum

FC Barcelona museum at Camp Nou: the temple of Barça fans

Want to know if the FC Barcelona museum is worth the trip? Read our article to find out all about the tour, which includes the...

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FC Botiga

FC Botiga: the official Barcelona FC store

The official Barcelona FC shop is a true paradise for footballers and Barça supporters. Head on over and see for yourself! ...

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FC Barcelona anthem

The Barcelona FC anthem: sung and karaoke versions

Want to join the locals in singing the famous Barça anthem? Our fun videos will show you the way to express your enthusiasm in perfect...

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Iniesta Barça

Iniesta, Busquets and Ter Stegen: 2 star players and a new goalkeeper at FC Barcelona

Amaze your friends with your knowledge of these three key FC-Barcelona players; Iniesta, Busquets and Ter Stegen. Go Barça!...

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Barça match

Attending a Barça match in Barcelona: a specialist’s advice

If you're dying to go to a Barça match, then follow the advice of a specialist based in Barcelona to get the most out of...

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football Barça

A 100% Barça-Barcelona FC football-themed stay

Calling all football fans! Barcelona is home to one of the world's best and most famous clubs, Barça - a worthy subject for a themed...

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Go see a match at the Barça stadium in Barcelona

If you want info on Barça, how to buy tickets and how to get to Camp Nou, then this article is a good place to...

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