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Delicious vegan food in Barcelona: a few of our favourite places


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Looking for good quality vegan food at a reasonable price? Follow us! We have a whole list of vegan restaurants in Barcelona, and there is something here for everyone!

vegan food, Trencadís cous cous salad
Features: Gluten free Vegetarian

It’s not always easy to find a restaurant that meets your expectations or needs, and when it comes to vegan food it’s often much more complicated. But never fear! We’ve done our homework, and we can provide you with a tried and tested selection of vegan food to suit all tastes and budgets!

Whether you want to sit and eat quietly or you prefer to go for a picnic, or even if you’re looking for a sweet treat, we’ll help you find what you’re looking for!

Vegan food: Trencadís, a restaurant in the center of Barcelona

Trencadís offers tasty, balanced food at a great price. During the week, they offer a set lunch menu for 12 euros including a main course, dessert and drink.

  • It’s a very innovative concept, as they experiment with Indian and Mediterranean cooking.
  • They also have a second, more classical menu (including meat and fish) so you can go there with your carnivorous friends too!!

My favourite dish is the burger. They always offer a quinoa burger as a main course along with various vegetables (the one with mushroom is exquisite!).

  • It’s located just 5 minutes walk from Casa Batlló, and the value for money for this location is unbeatable!

¿Where? Pau Claris, 143 (Eixample dret)
¿When? Monday to Saturday 12pm to 11pm
¿How much? Around 12 euros for the lunchtime weekday set menu

Vegan food: VegetArt, take away food for a great price

vegan food VegetArt

Do you prefer to get your food to take away and enjoy it in one of your favourite parts of the city? Well, here is a delicious vegan option even for the smallest budgets!

VegetArt is outside the city center, but it could be the perfect stop before or after a visit to Parc Güell (or you can organise your own picnic there), as it’s just 15 minutes’ walk from the park.

  • If you’re half the hummus fan that I am, I recommend you try VegetArt’s hummus with your eyes closed. They make it fresh every day, and it’s delicious!
  • The tortilla and the hamburger were also very good, and I was very positively surprised by both, one for its distinctive strong taste and the other for its perfect combination of flavors.

And the best part is the price, with dishes costing between €1 and €4. What are you waiting for?

Where? Torrent de l’Olla 138 (Gràcia)
When? Monday to Friday from 12pm to 8pm / Saturdays: from 12pm to 3:30pm
How much? Between €1 and €4

Vegan food: La Trocadero, for a delicious vegan hamburger

vegan food: la Trocadero hamburguer

You’re suddenly starving and you need something quick to eat. Whether you want to take something away or you prefer to sit down to eat, at La Trocadero you’re sure to find what you’re looking for!

It’s a burger joint that’s also vegan, and in case you’re wondering how they can make a whole vegan burger menu, don’t worry, there is plenty to choose from! And as well as a range of burgers you can also try one of their delicious vegan hot dogs, or one of the many salads on offer.

  • There’s a set menu that includes fries and a drink for just 8 euros!

The best part? It’s located just a few meters from the Sagrada Familia! So there’s no excuse. Off you head before or after your meal to visit the best known work of the most famous Catalan architect!

Where? Marina 269 (Sagrada Familia)
When? Mondays: 11am to 11pm / Tuesday to Thursday and Sundays: 11am to 11pm/ Fridays and Saturdays: 11am to midnight
How much? From €1

Vegan food: la Besnéta, a bakery out of your dreams

Besnéta window display

Are you one of those people who has a special second stomach just for dessert? If so, you’re in luck. Let us present la Besnéta, a vegan bakery to satisfy the most demanding sweet tooth.

Like VegetArt, la Besnéta is also located in the Gràcia neighbourhood, which really is worth a visit as the area has a very special charm. And after taking a long walk through area, what could be better than a sweet treat?

  • At Besnéta they only use fresh, seasonal products, to guarantee to be the best possible quality!
  • They make bespoke products so whatever your tastes, you can find something you love!

Where? Torrijos 37 (Gràcia)
When? Sunday to Tuesday 10:30 to 9pm
How much? From €1.80

Now all that’s left to say is… bon appétit!

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