Barcelona Top Travel Tips


cinemas in Barcelona

The best cinemas in Barcelona for non-dubbed foreign films

It's getting easier and easier find non-dubbed, original-language (VO) film screenings in Barcelona. Read on for our pick of the best VO cinemas!...

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Cocktail and popcorn, Polaroid

Barcelona’s best cinema and TV theme bars

Want to spend an evening in one of Barcelona's best bars? Zoom in for our pick of film and TV-inspired watering holes! Rolling......

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film festival

April and May in Barcelona: the spring film festivals

Film lovers: 2 major film festivals are held in Barcelona during the months of April and May. Plenty of new things to discover!...

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Open-air cinema

Open-air cinema series in Barcelona

In summer, Barcelona plays host to several open-air cinema festivals. Here's all the information you need to make the most of them....

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August port vell

5 good reasons to visit Barcelona in July and August

Ah, summer... sun, sea, sand, relaxation, sales, exhibitions... there are plenty of things to do in Barcelona in July and August! Just remember the suncream!...

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Filmoteca de Catalunya: film screenings in Original Version

The Filmoteca de Catalunya is a first class film library with great prices. A top tip for film lovers. ...

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Gaudi experiencia

Gaudi Experiencia: 4D immersion in the architect’s world

Want to discover Gaudí's universe in a fun and original way? Gaudi Experiencia is the place for you!...

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films barcelona

Barcelona in the movies: films to see before, during or after your visit

Discover our selection of movies filmed in Barcelona: a nice introduction to the city or a trip down memory lane. ...

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Verdi cinema

Barcelona’s Verdi cinema showing films in their original language

At the Verdi there is always a film for the film lover in you. If you're ready for an original-language film screening in a nice...

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